Why in the lords name are you doing this?

Despite my eagerness to jump directly into the subject matter at hand I think believe there is something of even greater importance. Despite there being a myriad of reasons I embarked upon this project something more important than the stock-and-standard “I needed it to solve a problem of mine” reasoning comes to mind. There is indeed a better reason for embarking on something that the mere technical requirement thereof - I did this because I can. This sentiment is something that I really hold dear to my heart despite it being a seemingly obvious one. Of course you can do what you want with your code - it’s a free country. One would not be wrong to make such a statement but mention your ideas online and you get hounded down by others saying “that’s dumb, just use X” or “your implementation will be inefficient”. These statements are not entirely untrue but they miss the point that this is an exercise in scientific thinking and an artistic approach at it in that as well.

I would not want to see the naysayers put anyone down from doing something they have always dreamed of, that is why I have done this. I am aware of the risks and the downfalls of having grandeause expectations but luckily I do not require the external feedback of the mass - just some close few friends who can appreciate my work and join the endeavor with me.

Don’t let people stop you, you only have one life - take it by the horns and fly