Welcome to DNET!

Welcome to the DNET homepage where you can find information on everything related to the DNET protocol. This includes documentation on the protocol, server implementations, API and library documentation and client softwares.


DNET is currently going through a complete re-write which includes the following:

  1. Re-speccing the client/server protocol
    • This includes switching to a ProtocolBuffer-encoded message format
    • Adding task IDs to the messages for a task/event-based protocol
  2. Client rewrites
    • Re-writing the GTK client - Gustav
    • Re-writing the terminal client, skippy
    • Integrating tasky to provide task/event-based protocol handling on the client side

Getting started

If you want to get connected to a DNET-based network then there are a few things you should take a look at. You first will need to find a server of which you can connect to using a client. Thye next thing you may want then take a look at is which client you will be using to do so, whether or not you want a graphical/GUI-based client or a text-based client that can run in your terminal, all of this can be found on the choosing a client page.