TODO: Add warning about this document being a "living document"

This document aims to document the entirety of the DNET protocol, otherwise known as Dante. It must be noted that this document is a living document meaning that it is nowhere near complete and much of the content on this page is subject to changes - this notice will be removed and versioning information will become available as soon as the protocol reaches a stable state.

Please note that you are currently viewing the protocol specification for Dante-2, if you were looking for the specification of thr now-defunct Dante-1 then please go here.

Dante-2 uses ProtocolBuffers to encode the parts of the messages that make-up one whole message, in other words how the message is encoded.

Client protocol

This chapter describes the client-to-server interaction (from the side of the client), in other words how the server and client communicate with each other.


Server protocol

This chapter describes the server-to-server interaction.