Configuring your hosts for automatic IP network and address assignment, DNS and routing is very easy.

Note:: This tutorial is written for those who have setup Radv already.

NetworkManager-based systems

For NetworkManager-based systems do the following. Open up nm-connection-editor and you should have a screen appear like this:


Then double click on the wifi or ethernet connection you have active of which connects you to the same LAN as your router and you should see a window like this popup:


Then go to the IPv6 tab and you should see this:


Now make sure that this part is set to Automatic:


And then for the bottom two parts you can choose whatever option you want in these dropdowns:


Once you have configured that, then hit save and close all those windows:


What you want to do now is to open nmtui (in your terminal) and reactivate that connection, first go to Activate a connection:


Now reactivate the connection. You can do this by deactivating it and activating it again (unplugging and replugging won't reactivate it - it doesn't reload the profile).


And that is it, now you should be connected to CRXN on your laptop via your router.