The no's

  • Nothing illegal in any of the countries our servers reside in

    • No child pornography (you fucking degenerate)
    • No conducting of illegal activities
    • If you don't get the point, don't do illegal stuff
  • No pornography

  • Don't maliciously attack someone's infra

  • No piracy

The yes's

  • Free speech

    • We all get offended from time to time but it's not worth stopping bad opinions
    • It's also, on the other hand, nice to not a be a dick though (social consequences are there still)
  • If you see someone break the rules and have proof speak up! and notify us


We really don't want the scum of internet degeneracy on here (see first subpoint of first point in "The no's" section).

You break the rules, you're going to get removed. We don't take shit here.

You will be reported to the authorities