Prefix allocation and registration

To simply forward IPv6 traffic on CRXN one only needs an IPv6 link-local address which is always guaranteed to be assigned (most of the time), however normally people join CRXN so that they can also host services (and access others) on the inter-network. Therefore, one needs to allocate a prefix and register it to be able to make use of the network in such a manner.

Generating a prefix (allocation)

On CRXN we use addresses within the fd00::/8 space otherwise known as the ULA-space. We then require users to generate a random ULA which is a subnet within this space with a prefix size of /48.

Here is what a ULA would look like: fd2d:194b:a02f::/48

You can generate your ULA you would like to use for CRXN using a tool such as Unique Local IPv6 Generator or if you are good at basic programming and mathematics you could write a C program to do it.

Registering the prefix

Once you have your prefix generated you then are required to register the prefix. This entails adding your prefix to a database known as EntityDB which holds all such entries. This is done in order to ensure there are no clashes with addresses and also doubles as a source of truth in terms of what networks should be available on CRXN along with some information about available services.

To register your prefix on EntityDB please visit the repository here, fork the repository, then follow the on how to format your entry, create a pull request and wait for approval from a network administrator. Only then will you be allowed to continue with this tutorial.