What is BonoboNET?

BonoboNET is an IRC (or Internet Relay Chat) network which is a network that allows one to connect and join chat rooms known as channels which contain groups of people also logged in and ready to chat. It also allows private messages which are akin to modern day "DMs"/direct messages. IRC is a relatively simple protocol but because of this it can work over the fastest connection in Silicon Valley, California to the slowest connection in Giyani, South Africa. The network is open for anyone to join and start chatting away, most of the people on BNET are technically minded (or "nerds") but that shouldn't keep you from using it - computers are magical and fun!

BonoboNET is also a decentralized chat network (to the extent that IRC allows us). BonoboNET is composed out of servers run by people all over the world ranging from Germany to Russia to Greece to South Africa. These servers are often linked in ways that if one goes down you they will not disrupt the network at least not for long and it means that users can setup to join such a redundant server on such a failure.

The network

The network has 3 nodes in South Africa, two in Cape Town and one in Worcester. There's a node somewhere in India and then also another node in Russia.