This site is made available through several networks to make accessing its contents more easier for those living in regions with censorship or thoe who simply want to access it over a different networkk.

Current networks

The below are the currently supported networks. If you have a request for another one to be added then please contact me via my details on the about me page.


There is I2P access for this site.


There is Yggdrasil access for this site.


There is CRXN access for this site.

Clearnet IPv4/IPv6

There is clearnet (normal Internet) access for this site.


You can fetch the contents of this site off of IPFS via the following IPNS name k2k4r8mo00wff79hhfnog9tpjksudhyfpz27yso7phbvhoeh5byk0xml.

That name-pointer gets updated to the correct IPFS CID every now and then when I decide to update the IPFS-version to the latest-live version.