Taking a little hiatus

Tristan B. Kildaire


Just a little update that I will be taking a few months hiatus. I recently celebrated my birthday and would like to have a bit of a break from some of my projects such that I can get a lot of work done (like my first set of exams) such that I can then have more time available to myself to actually focus well on a lot of my projects I want to finish up before year end or before the next set of exams for most of my other projects.

I might post some small updates here and there but for the most part I will be pretty quiet here as I go through the motions of studying, revising and writing papers.

I might work on some wholesome posting for the weeks to come…

What must get done

I want to finish the following coding projects:

  1. libtun
  2. sweatyballs
  3. almeida
    1. The project itself
    2. libyggdrasil
    3. bformat (I think just a cleanup is required)
    4. libchonky (Actually maybe it was this instead of bformat)
  4. Start a redesign of DNET
    • I want to use protocolbuffers for it
    • Re-implement the server, client and APIs
    • Work on server-to-server linking
  5. Continue with my tlang compiler
    • I want to finish the dependency tree code
      • Add some basic type checking
      • Add some basic code generation
    • I hope to get this all done such that by year end I have somewhat of a working product
    • After that I will work on tidying a lot of stuff up but for the most part it’s looking good
      • General tidying up
      • Adding more comments and documentation
        • I want to have a written LaTeX document or something on the site explaining the source code

In terms of the projects that are more practical:

  1. BonoboNET
    • Get more links up
    • Get some cool bots added to the channel
    • Web interface for
      • IRC chat
      • Registration with NickServ
  2. CRXN
    • Finalise the documentation where it needs to be done
    • BGP
      • Start working on BGP peering
    • Get MikroTik’s properly connected and working
      • So far they export routes but are not pingable?!?!
    • Get some live network details and stuff going
    • More peers and redundancy
    • Also upgrade my network’s core router
      • I have ordered a new router already ))
  3. I2P
    • Just some upgrades to the machines that need to be done to bring it to the newest version
  4. CJDNS and Yggdrasil public nodes
    • Drommedaris project
      • Upgrade the machines and get a better internet connection (as yggdrasil kills mine sometimes)

I do think a break is well-deserved to be quite honest. I have been working very hard both at university and on my personal projects and I think it is about time I take a proper break to focus on university work again and then use my holidays along with after-exam time to really grind a lot of these projects of mine out. I need to do this as next year I will be busy with honours and won’t have as much time as I’d like available to myself and hence I want to get everything in order such that they are maintanable by myself and can easily be worked on now and then throughout 2022!