i3-innocence against the DWM Degenerates

Tristan B. Kildaire


I think there’s a misconception about us i3 users. For far too long we have been made fun of by a certain group of, to be quite honest, window-manager Nazis, for using a system that requires configuration to be done via a file rather than their method.

“Their method”

They actually believe that to make a minor change you must do the following:

  1. Edit source code 🦧
  2. Compile 🦧
  3. Restart the whole process 😐

Now this is quite the meme. To think we have come so far with configuration files such as systemd units, JSON-LD and XML for storing blockchains. You’d think we would be long past the early UNIX days. Nope, you see it takes a special type of “human” to believe that one must edit the source code. I mean why not just ptrace and update the memory whilst it is running whilst you are at it, maybe set some registers too.

They have gone too far in society and we must stoo them spreading their “ideas” now.

For this is degeneracy - on the levels of Jeffrey Epstein.

That’s right - all DWM users are child molestors.

A better proposal

I propose we stick to the norm. The norm has gotten us very far.

We have dlopen() (runtime linking) - there’s the plugin solution (not that yucky herpes idea of “patching” your software - like bruh 🦧).

What do we do to the DWM usergroup?

DWM users only aspire-to-acquire the following:

  1. Dildos
  2. Wanking
  3. Masturbation

I propose we basically ✨️✨️kill them all.️✨️✨️️️ You cannot start anew with cruft and bloat. These people are bloat to society. They also are not the highest IQ people - if they were they’s be writing DWM in platform specific assembly - hell maybe MIPS or x86 machine code.

What about sway users?

Just like there was the Jew and Judaism. There came the Catholic and Catholicism. They are our brethren. We may not be the same but we must accept wayland-as-the-word of the lord.