Some technical doodads

Tristan B. Kildaire


Just some photos of some things that I have connected to my part of the CRXN inter-network.

In my room

These are some of the things that I have running in my room.

My desk

I have one desk where I sit down and study and write and also where I use my Dell XPS.

Switch for my laptop's desk (also power my antenna, a Mikrotik Groove)

The aforementioned a Mikrotik Groove with an omni-directional antenna attached to it

My desk's setup in its entirety

My computer desk

I have another desk for my desktop where I have a few doodads too.

Desktop ethernet switch that connects to the one in the garage so I can directly access stuff on that LAN from here if I want

Currently a link from my home network switch connects here to both my IPv6 Mikrotik Router and also my Raspberry PI (for my personal web server)

My IPv6 Mikrotik router

My personal Pi web server and quasselcore

The main switch that enters into my room, it's a Mikrotik Switch that can only run SwitchOS

In the network lab

We now enter my network lab where I give you a full tour of everything I have running there.

Two of my Mikrotik RouterBOARDs that I currently run OSPF on for CRXN, in the future I aim to run BGP on these for CRXN as well for those who want to connect using their Mikrotik's or protocols such as GRE and others

Here is my full rack. It contains quite a nnumber of components, from Raspberry Pis, to x86 AT towers, Mikrotik gear and also networking Ethernet switches and battery backup too (there's also a screen there)

These 3 towers are where I run many services on my network. The rightmost machine runs my lockdown.bnet IRC node for BonoboNET. It also runs my Mumble server. The middlemost machine runs the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon and connects my CRXN network here to routers (and therefore other CRXN networks) in the UK (2 of them) and one in the US. The leftmost machine runs a public CJDNS peer, Yggdrasil peer and an IP2P Floodfill router.

I run a small Pi here that runs Munin and logs information on all the nodes on CRXN (well many of them, not all, mostly mine). It even contacts a node in Lebanon!

The main ethernet switch (which connects to the one in my room (same size)) that connects all the machines here to the Internet

There's also power supply here

These are some of the main CRXN routers on my network with many peerings on them. The one in the middle has the most of CRXN peerings and is connected to my home network. The one at the back just connects to seperate CRXN networks (the ones for the x86 machines and another Pi) to the home network )by routing between them). The Pi right at the front is my I2PD services node which makes the BonoboNET server available over I2P.

These are the two switches for the two seperate CRXN networks (the one on the left is for an "in-between" link for the two CRXN routers, the other one is for the x86 machines).

This is the battery backup for all the Raspberry Pis, the two Mikrotik and the Ethernet switch (the main one)