Announcing the CRXNxDN42 inter-connect!

Tristan B. Velloza Kildaire


The Community Run eXpansive Network or CRXN has been a project of mine that started way back when in 2021 during the rather annoying lockdown period of the pandemic. The upside to this period was I had a lot of time to really work on my passion projects which had included IP routing and networking, the result of a lot of toying around with static routing, then dynamic routing with the reference implementation of babel, babeld, and then finally arriving at the current day where we run everything with the BIRD Internet Routing Daemon or (BIRD for short ;)). It’s been a journey of a lot of work over time to create a network that wasn’t just fun for myself but for many others. Amounting to something I use daily to get a lot of my work and communications done as well.

Major announcement

It’s therefore with great pleasure that I am announcing the interconnection of CRXN with dn42 - a project which is originally an idea proposed by Ty3r0x and which became spearheaded by him and Marek Küthe. I want to thank you two both for yhe time and effort put into this process, along with the whole dn42 team for making this inter-connect possible. You can read more about the intricacies on Marek Küthe’s blog post.

With such an experiment we are bound to have a symbiotic relationship between both projects - benefitting from each other’s networks!