Parser update 1

Tristan B. Kildaire


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On #programming on BNET on the 5th of March 2021:

[11:33:34] <~deavmi> Working a little on the compiler now
[11:33:39] <~deavmi> Arithmetic parsing is still broken
[11:33:41] <~deavmi> Will return to that
[11:33:46] <~deavmi> But nested classes and those things are doing fine
[11:33:47] <~deavmi> So that is good
[11:34:06] <~deavmi> Need to neaten up some functions to make them more self-contained in terms of token movement
[11:34:10] <~deavmi> But other than that it is going pretty well
[11:34:27] <~deavmi> I aim to get the compiler's parser done before I return the university hopefully
[11:34:29] <~deavmi> That will be good
[11:34:30] <~deavmi> :)
[11:34:54] <~deavmi> I also need to add a check for what depth we are at or what we are in, to, for example, stop people from declaring classes in functions as that is silly and makes no sense
[11:35:00] <~deavmi> Although it could be done
[11:35:02] <~deavmi> :mmm:
[11:35:41] <~deavmi> I mean it's also my birthday today
[11:35:45] <~deavmi> So I won't let this worry me today
[11:35:45] <rnbunker> interesting
[11:35:45] <~deavmi> :)
[11:35:47] <rnbunker> ah yes
[11:35:50] <rnbunker> happy birthday
[11:35:51] <~deavmi> rnbunker: thanks
[11:35:53] <~deavmi> rnbunker: thanks mate

Expression parsing

I think I will be able to implement it, woohoo!

[11:47:04] <~deavmi> Ah I think I recall how I did expression parsing now so that's good
[11:47:09] <~deavmi> I think I will need a while loop
[11:47:10] <~deavmi> Makes sense
[11:47:17] <~deavmi> Nice, I will attempt to do that tomorrow probably

Anywho, it’s my birthday today so what the hell am I doing here!

One last thing…

[11:49:16] <~deavmi> I am keeping a journal of everything I do for TLang
[11:49:21] <~deavmi> Will be nice to look back at in a years time
[11:49:21] <~deavmi> :)
[11:50:25] <rnbunker> Cool
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