First day of work

Tristan B. Kildaire


Tags: lexer

Basically finished the lexer today, it was the first day of coding for the project so I am pleased with this progress.

On #programming on BNET:

[22:52:02] <~deavmi> no idea
[23:39:48] <~deavmi> Character literal support added
[23:39:48] <~deavmi> Now only escapes for cvharacter literals needed to be added
[23:39:48] <~deavmi> already added escapeiong support for string literals
[23:39:48] <~deavmi> The lexer is almost done
[23:39:48] <~deavmi> !
[23:39:48] <~deavmi> 🎊️🎊️🎊️🎊️🎊️
[23:42:33] <rnbunker> Very nice
[23:42:52] <~deavmi> thanks! rnbunker
[23:46:02] <~deavmi> Time to push!
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