2K22 update

Tristan B. Kildaire


Tags: typechecking dependency codegen update

What is in store this year for tlang?

Trying to get back into working on my #tlang programming language again. Adding some nice command-line features to simplify debugging etc.

What I aim to do when I get back into working on it, whenever I have the time, is to fully-finish anything missing in the parser.

Try and add remaining lexer features for literal encodings, I will return to this at the end if it isn’t working how I want it.

Once the parser has the remaining constructs implemented (which to be fair isn’t a lot, it does most of what is needed), then I will be working on adding round-about 50 unittests to it as I believe that is a good number to have. Fully documented as well. As it currently stands they are pretty self-explanatory.

When that is done, I will continue my work on the codegen ad typechecking which seems to work fine but there is one case with a segfault but I need to find it again. This, codegen and typechecking, will be the main focus of this year I think. The dependency tree is effectively almost done, I only add to it when needed which is very infrequently.

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