CRXN On-the-go

If you don't want to have to setup your own router or if you are away from a router itself and don't want to run one directly on your laptop and peer with someone then you can make use of someone else's router. A user, caskd, has made this possible. He provides IPv6-only and clearnet VPN tunneling over Wireguard - giving you access to all of IPv6 CRXN easily on Android, iOS or Linux, Mac OSX or Windows (any platform that Wireguard supports).

The configuration template is as follows:

PrivateKey=<private key>
Address=<ipv4 address>/32, <ipv6 address>/128

AllowedIPs=, ::/0

You just need to fill in your <private key>, <ipv4 address> and <ipv6 address>.

Contact to request a connection (remember to send a public key and also a reason (optional) for your connection).