Getting started

Firstly we'd like to say that we're glad you'd like to join our network and greater community! This document will provide you with the directions you will need to follow in order to get connected.

Steps to follow

Below you can follow the steps one-by-one to get yourself familiar with our practices and inner-workings and by the end you should have all the information and configuration details needed to get connected!

  1. Rules
    • We have few but strict rules nonetheless
    • Zero-tolerance for breaking them
  2. Requirements
  3. Registration
  4. Setting up routing
    1. Setting up Bird
      1. Bird basics
      2. Bird configuration
        1. Bird 1.6
        2. Bird 2.0
        3. Protocols
          1. Babel
          2. OSPFv3
  5. Tunneling
  6. Setting up your home network

What's next?

Once you're connected, what's there todo?

  1. Viewing the bird monitor
    • TODO: Add
  2. Services
    • TODO: Gaming, IRC etc.
    • TODO: Using netbox to add your own and find more