Simplifying email for the post-modernists

What is Butterfly?

Butterfly is a new email protocol that has been designed from scratch to take modern standards into
account and to be much more simple. Firstly the protocol is JSON-based and uses JSON for all encoding.
Secondly it had incorporated mailbox management and mail transfer into one protocol, this, as compared
the separation of these two tasks into two protocols, IMAP/POP and SMTP respectively.

With Butterfly you have a single binary that needs to be run in order to run your own mail server. Not
only is the mail protocol JSON based but everything surrounding administrating the system is! Mail is
stored on the VFS (file-system) as JSON and the server's configuration file is also JSON-based!


Server releases

The latest x86 release is v0.0.36 but you can find all builds here.

Source code

You can find the source code hosted in the following places:

  1. GitHub
  2. WorcesterHub (CRXN)
  3. WorcesterHub (Clearnet)


So far there are the following clients available:

  1. libutterfly - This is a D-based library for interacting with Butterfly mail servers
  2. skoenlapper